Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Brussels Adventure - Serving can be fun!

Goedemiddag iedereen! I have some semi-serious missionary thoughts to share, and then lots of cool experiences!

My first missionary thought is that I've been kind of hesitant about sharing personal details about investigators, but I've realized that it's so important to let everyone know how the work is going forward in Europe! It's kind of a stereotype that we plant seeds here, but no, we also baptize! We help people make covenants that bring them close to God, and it's glorious. We here in Assen have two baptisms coming up in the next week or so and we are way busy teaching. People have been prepared here to receive the Gospel the same way they have been in South America. :)
Sisters Voss and Robbins, in Brussels, with the waffles

On a related note, I have been having so much fun, as is right- this is a joyful message, and a mission should definitely be fun! I love sharing those experiences, but I didn't come here to be an exchange student or tourist; I have a higher purpose that I'm devoted to, and that means lots of work! Serving God and His children is a sacrifice, but it definitely brings lots of blessings.

And now that I've just reminded everyone that I love to work... I have a lot of fun experiences to share haha.

First: Temple Conference! it was so cool to go to the temple in Den Haag this week. We slept over at the mission home and did a session at the temple- as with everything, it was all in Dutch, so that's exciting! It was great to partake of the peace and spirit in the temple. It is definitely a strengthening experience.
Sister Woodbury and I in front of the temple in Zoetmeer!

Then I had exchanges in Groningen again, with Sister Bradley this time. It's exciting to get a change to work in another city!

This is probably the highlight of the week: I went to Belgium! My group had to do some legality paperwork in Brussels, so on Friday we all went down together. It was first of all incredibly comforting to see everyone from my MTC group- we all missed each other! And we had an hour to get lunch in Brussels, so it was an adventure to walk around in the heart of Europe. It was beautiful, and a lovely day. We saw the Monnica Piss- why is it famous? I just think it's ridiculous. More importantly, we had BELGIAN WAFFLES. The waffle itself is sweet and he perfect combination of soft and crunchy... The strawberries, whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce made it even better. We also got Belgian frites, or fries, which were great, and then topped it off with Australian ice cream. Not the healthiest lunch, but Brussels isn't technically in our mission boundaries so we try to enjoy it while we can!
Also, while we were waiting at a bus stop, we bought Magnum icecream bars- the creamiest ice cream you've ever tasted wrapped in Belgian chocolate. Yep. Worth 2 euros.

My Belgian frites! I think these fries kind of taste like potato chips. But they are legitimately lekker.

My beautiful Belgian waffle and I <3
When we finally got back to Assen on Saturday morning, we went through he market, and we saw the first fresh stroopwafel stand since I've been here! So Sister Woodbury bought us some and we enjoyed them together. The waffle part was crunchy yet soft and delicate... the stroop (syrup) was melting and delicious, and together they were perfect. I'll never be able to eat a storebought stroopwafel again. (Dad note: Kinney seems to have inherited my fascination with food - likely she is just responding to my many food related inquiries though...)
Sister Bush and I in the beautiful main square of Brussels!
So we haven't been in our city much this week, but when we were, our days were packed with appointments. I love all of our investigators, and all of the members- I'm really hoping that neither Sister Woodbury or I get transferred, but we'll know for sure next week! I can't believe I've been in the land for more than a month, and in fact almost a whole transfer- it's crazy.

The weather has been perfect for fall, and actuall quite warm- I think on Saturday it was the warmest it's ever been this late in Oktober since 1923! So that's cool. But since I don't have the conversion between celsius and farenheit memorized I don't actually know how warm it was... but it was nice.

The work goes forward! I feel blessed to be on a mission and I'm so grateful for these experiences.

-Zuster Voss
Seriously? Why do people think this statue is cool? Is this a missionary appropriate picture?

But I took a selfie with it anyway
The older singles in our ward have a lunch every monh and the missionaries always come to share a thought... I love these sweet people!

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