Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Becoming Christelijk

The start of this past week was so cold, we were wearing winter coats, yet halfway through it got so warm and sunny that we were wearing short sleeves and I got a couple of hilariously bad sunburns- like you can see exactly the lines where my sleeves covered my shoulders, and the neckline, for example. I need to get back into the habit of daily sunscreen! #palepeopleprobs #Nederlandweather
Love Fam Prosman!

On Monday we played beach volleyball with an awesome member, Dave Muntinga on indoor sand courts (because it was raining). It was so fun!!! I have never been super good at volleyball but I learned and improved a lot, and it is a blast to dive into the sand to try to save a ball! And this week the World Championship Beach Volleyball preliminaries are being held right here in Den Haag. So that's pretty cool! Then today we played tennis with a bunch of other missionaries (sadly, though, tennis courts aren't free here like they are in America. But for that matter, bathrooms and water aren't free, so why expect free tennis courts?).
Sand Volleyball. So fun!
I love the opportunity to play sports with other missionaries/members. But missionary life isn't all fun and games! Just for a few hours on p-day :)
Tennis on a clay court
We did see some cool miracles this week! The guy we met last week by giving him a card while he was riding his bike, who called out to us from his balcony is really cool- we had a chance to drop by and officially introduce ourselves, and he is interested in a book of Mormon, so we will be bringing one by in the next couple days. Yay for prepared people!

Every week is a combination of finding and teaching. before my mission, for some reason, I thought knocking on doors was ridiculous- but I have had so many cool conversations with different individuals, both interested and uninterested- sometimes the knock on the door is the answer to a prayer! And if not, it's only a thirty second disturbance for someone who isn't prepared or ready to hear it. many people are searching for something more, but don't know where to find it. If we aren't teaching, we are doing our best to find those people who are searching, and it can be incredibly rewarding.

We make smoothies all the time because Br Scherf gives us fruit sometimes :)
Romig selfies are the best!

On Saturday there was a church open house in Zoetermeer! Any interested visitors were welcome to come in. I personally gave a couple of tours with a member, answering questions, and it was also really cool to respond to people's curiosity and show them a beautiful church building! It was a great missionary activity- the coolest moment was a recent convert member who brought his friend to tour the building and who is interested in meeting with us again, at least just as a friendly visit.
A really fun FHE activity with the jovos (jongevolwassenen, aka young adults) where we played kickball!

My spiritual thought today comes from a cool Dutch language fact. The word (Christelijk) for "Christ-like"is the same as the word for "Christian." I love that. If we identify ourselves as Christian, shouldn't that also mean that we strive to be and become like Christ, acquire His attributes, and serve others as He does? Let's let Christian mean Christlike too!

I love you all! have a great week! Love, Sister Voss

PS from the blog editor: I thought it might be appropriate to include a small snippet from Sister Hopkin this week:

We sang a special musical number to say good bye to President and ZR Robinson because it was their last sacrament meeting. Zr Voss and I arranged a mash up of "I'll go where you want me to go" and "God be with you till we meet again" and Elder Lee help blend everything together with his great piano skills. It really brought the spirit and it made Zr Robinson cry so I'd count that as a success haha - Zuster Hopkin

I would like to express my personal gratitude to the Robinson's for their excellent service in behalf of the people of Belgium/Netherlands and to our precious missionaries. What an awesome job they have done in guiding and directing the work in this part of the Lord's vineyard. Their impact is far reaching  and will certainly be a strength to those who had the privilege of working shoulder to shoulder with them. - Brother V
Last pic with the Robinsons getting photo bombed by our Stake Pres

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Truth and Obedience = Freedom

Belated Father's Day shoutout to the best dad in the world. I am so grateful for my wonderful Dad, his incredible example and enduring love and support. he makes this blog possible :) But more than that, he is a true friend to his children. I am thankful for an earthly father who emulates the example of our Heavenly Father!
Dad and I

This has been a thrilling yet chilly week. The biggest news is that due to changes they are making to the MTC Dutch language program, there will be one shortened transfer in the mission in November. That means that everyone going home after that point will be returning home one week earlier than planned. So that means that instead of my mission ending in early February, it will now be the end of January! It's crazy, because it feels like time has been flying by already. How is it possible that I only have seven months left on my mission?

But we won't think about that inevitable end. Right now, I'm grateful to be here, and I will live in the moment. It's been a great week! I went on exchanges to Zoetermeer and got to work with Sisters Lemich and Nyakoh in that charming little city. It was a delight and a change of pace! But I was also happy to return to my own dear Den Haag on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a funny day for Sister Hopkin and I. A man called out to us from his bike as we were passing by and we weren't sure whether to take him seriously or not, but we were like, why not, and ran back to give him a pass along card right before the light he was waiting at changed and he had to bike away. Then, later when we were randomly trying to help three cute Indonesian ladies find a street they were looking for (we later took a selfie with them), we heard someone calling out from a third floor balcony- it was the same guy! And he showed us the card that he had kept. Pretty random and coincidental, but he's interested in learning more, so hey- miracles!
Notice the photobombing missionary from last week.
We had a great lesson with our investigator who has been struggling with addictions. He has found strength in the scriptures and through prayer, and we also brought the elders, who were able to give him a priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel. It was a powerful experience for him- I'm so grateful for the priesthood, that God's power and authority have been restored to the earth in order to bless His children. I know that it does! It has blessed my life.

A couple of weeks ago we talked to a really cute old Surinaams lady on the street. We met with her once and she invited us over for dinner, so on Friday we had a delicious Surinamese meal of roti- it is so good. It's a special potato bread with a curry stew sauce thing. I can't describe it, but I could eat it for days. Also she was really sweet, decided that we are her adopted grandaughters and loved the Book of Mormon we brought her and is excited to read it. So that's what I call a win-win situation!

I briefly saw Sister Dobler and many other awesome missionaries at a baptism we attended in Rotterdam for someone that Sister Hopkin taught in Dordrecht. That was thus a wonderful and uplifting experience!

This weekend was also Stake Conference for the Den Haag stake! We took a chartered tour bus there and it was full of excellent instruction and uplifting messages.
Selfie with sisters Hopkin, Huber and Dobler!
On Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to walk through Zuiderpark, very close by, and discovered some beautiful areas. It was very peaceful and a nice way to build a relationship with/support an awesome member here!
Discovering beautiful ZuiderPark with Michelle 

My studies this week have been focused on a cool concept- that truth and obedience are a source of spiritual freedom and strength! See Helaman 14:30, 15:8, and John 8:32. The truth, and knowledge, will set us free. The more we learn, the better decisions we can make, our understanding is enlightened. As we follow Christ's example and are obedient, we are also freed from the burden of sin. I have never felt so free and happy as when I have lived my life with discipline and looked forward with faith. I am convinced that the more acquainted we are with gospel truth and knowledge of our Redeemer, the better prepared we will be to conquer any challenges that come our way!

I love you all so much and miss you! have an incredible week everyone!

All my love,
Sister McKinney Voss
I saw a Spirit Animals poster in the Netherlands!!!! Tell Brandon Mull that it's well advertised here and one of his big fans appreciates his work here. It's even translated in Dutch. So cool right?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Replacing Fear With Faith

Hey folks! Groetjes van Nederland!

Despite the fact that it's mid June, it's still been really chilly. But Sister Hopkin and I decided not to complain. the couple of super hot days we've had were also really muggy and humid. So we prefer the breeze and chill!
Delft. So cute!

This week was great. No week is truly predictable... A lot of our planned appointments with regular investigators fell through, so we ended up doing a lot of finding and experienced miracles as Heavenly Father led us to people who are so prepared for the Gospel! Every time we talk to/meet someone who is interested in learning more and we have some way to contact them, that is a new potential investigator- and on just one day, we found seven! Including a really cool Romanian family who we taught the Restoration to yesterday and who want to come to church next week. Fabulous!

On Monday we spent part of our P-day in Delft, and then went to a dinner appointment with all the other missionaries at the Jansen's, who are in the current temple presidency. I love the strong Spirit we feel at the homes of steadfast members!
Burgers and playing at a dinner appointment with the awesome stake president's family! It was so American... grilling burgers outside, we even made smores

Admiring the Jansen's wedding album at a dinner appointment there! So much classy 60's style.

Dinner appointment with the Scheltingas!
Tuesday was really special- we had the opportunity to go to the temple with Kate and have a lesson there. Just the aura/atmosphere surrounding it is breath taking. it is such a monument of peace in an otherwise busy world, and it was so cool to get to go there and experience that unique feeling together. I'm so grateful for temples- that they are being built all over, but especially that we have one right here in Nederland for these faithful members!
At the Temple with Kate
We also ended up having a lesson on the beach. I love these field trips :) - it was about a ten minute walk from Giang's house so... We went. and it was awesome!
Teaching a lesson on the beach! #denhaagblessings
Beach selfie 

We had zone training in Zoetermeer! Great messages from President and Sister Robinson, as well as training from our leaders. We learned about staying optimistic- we are on the winning team, so to speak! the world is scary, but evil cannot and will not prevail. We can rest assured in Christ that we will come off the conquerors. So replace fear with faith and look forward happily to the future!
Selfie with Delft Elders
We also had another awesome dinner appointment at the Scheltinga's, our stake president here- his son tanner is about to go on his mission and had a great goodbye talk/service on Sunday.

Today we helped destroy stuff in the district leaders apartment so it can be renovated. Super fun!
Service day ripping up the district leaders apartment!

Have a great week everyone! love you!
-Sister Voss

"Broday"/ sister suport day working with the zone leaders!
Missionary dinner at the church! making our own dinner appointments :)
Delft blauw! super expensive...
Delft Stad Huis (City House)
Selfie at Den Haag Centraal
Netjes/classy dinner appointment with Kim and Br. Foss! candlelit and everything
Elder Evans and I
In front of church on Sunday

Dinner atthe Jansen's!
Stealing the Zls car! lol
Painting camels for service
Big pretty church

Me and Sister Robinson at Zone Training! I will miss the Robinsons and am so grateful for all they have done!
Sitting in the zone leader's car, which we pretended to steal!
Delicious strawberry cream croissants at a bakery!

Tanner Scheltinga from our ward is departing on his mission to Greece soon! Good luck!
These two pics are old- from transfer day!

Biking selfie
Working palace of the queen