Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Replacing Fear With Faith

Hey folks! Groetjes van Nederland!

Despite the fact that it's mid June, it's still been really chilly. But Sister Hopkin and I decided not to complain. the couple of super hot days we've had were also really muggy and humid. So we prefer the breeze and chill!
Delft. So cute!

This week was great. No week is truly predictable... A lot of our planned appointments with regular investigators fell through, so we ended up doing a lot of finding and experienced miracles as Heavenly Father led us to people who are so prepared for the Gospel! Every time we talk to/meet someone who is interested in learning more and we have some way to contact them, that is a new potential investigator- and on just one day, we found seven! Including a really cool Romanian family who we taught the Restoration to yesterday and who want to come to church next week. Fabulous!

On Monday we spent part of our P-day in Delft, and then went to a dinner appointment with all the other missionaries at the Jansen's, who are in the current temple presidency. I love the strong Spirit we feel at the homes of steadfast members!
Burgers and playing at a dinner appointment with the awesome stake president's family! It was so American... grilling burgers outside, we even made smores

Admiring the Jansen's wedding album at a dinner appointment there! So much classy 60's style.

Dinner appointment with the Scheltingas!
Tuesday was really special- we had the opportunity to go to the temple with Kate and have a lesson there. Just the aura/atmosphere surrounding it is breath taking. it is such a monument of peace in an otherwise busy world, and it was so cool to get to go there and experience that unique feeling together. I'm so grateful for temples- that they are being built all over, but especially that we have one right here in Nederland for these faithful members!
At the Temple with Kate
We also ended up having a lesson on the beach. I love these field trips :) - it was about a ten minute walk from Giang's house so... We went. and it was awesome!
Teaching a lesson on the beach! #denhaagblessings
Beach selfie 

We had zone training in Zoetermeer! Great messages from President and Sister Robinson, as well as training from our leaders. We learned about staying optimistic- we are on the winning team, so to speak! the world is scary, but evil cannot and will not prevail. We can rest assured in Christ that we will come off the conquerors. So replace fear with faith and look forward happily to the future!
Selfie with Delft Elders
We also had another awesome dinner appointment at the Scheltinga's, our stake president here- his son tanner is about to go on his mission and had a great goodbye talk/service on Sunday.

Today we helped destroy stuff in the district leaders apartment so it can be renovated. Super fun!
Service day ripping up the district leaders apartment!

Have a great week everyone! love you!
-Sister Voss

"Broday"/ sister suport day working with the zone leaders!
Missionary dinner at the church! making our own dinner appointments :)
Delft blauw! super expensive...
Delft Stad Huis (City House)
Selfie at Den Haag Centraal
Netjes/classy dinner appointment with Kim and Br. Foss! candlelit and everything
Elder Evans and I
In front of church on Sunday

Dinner atthe Jansen's!
Stealing the Zls car! lol
Painting camels for service
Big pretty church

Me and Sister Robinson at Zone Training! I will miss the Robinsons and am so grateful for all they have done!
Sitting in the zone leader's car, which we pretended to steal!
Delicious strawberry cream croissants at a bakery!

Tanner Scheltinga from our ward is departing on his mission to Greece soon! Good luck!
These two pics are old- from transfer day!

Biking selfie
Working palace of the queen


  1. I'd just like to share that Zuster Voss is such a great teacher and I will forever be thankful that we had the chance to meet in Den Haag!

    1. Dank je wel Kate! Zuster Voss is also grateful to have met you!