Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A gezellig week!

The first full week of Sister Hopkin and I in Den Haag together has been wonderful! Sister Hopkin is from Ohio, artistic, laid back, good at baking and cooking and a really hard worker and excellent missionary. We have been getting along really well, seeing miracles and eating delicious food together :) It's the start of a great transfer! We had a great p-day last week, playing board games in Zoetermeer followed by a bonus Music Performance from the singing elders, which is always awesome.
Picture with Brother Christian, the monk we've met with at a monastery
We had district meeting at the Romig's house, which was super gezellig. I'm sorry, "gezellig" is just cultural/contextual.I don't know a good way to describe it. In any case, We also did a service project later on Tuesday, helping two little girl investigators paint murals on their walls. It was really fun and their parents were really happy, and we left the Restoration DVD for them to watch, so hopefully they will feel the Spirit from that and become more interested in the Church!

We have been working really hard to talk to pretty much every person we see and have had awesome experiences finding people- and one lady invited us over for dinner after just ten minutes of talking on the street. Yes please :)
Service project painting

We contacted a referral from the work we did on King's Day. She invited us in, we taught the first lesson and invited her to baptism, and she accepted the invitation! In fact, when we invited her to a baptismal service that was held on Saturday for an investigator of the elders, she asked if she could be baptized then as well. I love where she's coming from, but there's a bit more preparation necessary haha- we are excited to help her progress to get there!

Yeah, for the rest of the week... we have been finding, teaching, eating with members, all that normal missioanry jazz that I love :) there are so many fascinating people in the world! Most Dutch people are pretty non-religious, even if they were raised Catholic of Gereformerd- they have lost faith in God or don't think they need Him, so we try to help them rediscover that! And correct misconceptions. People have some crazy ideas about what Mormon means. "Mormons? You worship... devil money, right?" Nope. That's just one example of something we heard this past week. :)
District Meeting at the Romigs
We had some referrals to contact in Scheveningen, the beach area, and it was beautiful. We walked past a lighthouse, or vuurtoren- fire tower sounds WAY more exciting than lighthouse in my opinion- and also saw some Scottish oxen on a preserve that's on the dunes by the beach that you can just walk through. No big deal haha. So Sister Hopkin and I have had some adventures this week!
Cool monument that says "God save Nederland"
Selfie with the vuurtoren!
Awesome picture with props at a wedding reception
Helaman 5:8-be focused on the goal of eternal treasure, the precious gift that is living with God and Christ forever. There is so much in store for us. we cannot comprehend our potential :) Set goals and strive to attain them! and have a great week everyone. I love you so much!

Zuster McKinney Voss
Board games with Zoetermeer elders and dave last pday
Selfie in car on the way to lunch

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