Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Follow your heart!

The first of my last six weeks in Assen was awesome- just as every week here is and will continue to be. Each day is what we make of it! I am inspired by my companion's beautiful writing style and will attempt to make my updates somewhat more descriptive and lovely- we shall see if I succeed or not. I'm also pretty comfortable with my own style, but perhaps it is a fun experiment to switch it up, even snel!
Sweet Sister Missionaries Reunited.
On Monday evening, we had a last minute sleepover with the Groningen sisters - which now includes dear Sister Watts, from my MTC group! They were on their way to Apeldoorn for the zone training we all had the next day, but were delayed. I've never hosted a sleepover in Assen before, but it was delightfully fun. Not that we did much - enjoying the company of such companionable spirits is just always a pleasure!

We made the two hour journey to Apeldoorn early on Tuesday morning and enjoyed a thoroughly edifying zone training - we received counsel and tips from our leaders through some very well thought out presentations, and we participated in role plays to practice and internalize what we had just learned. We have already been attempting to implement some of that advice and have found it very useful! In addition, hanging out with other missionaries is always a blast, especially since Sister Dobler and I are relatively isolated since we don't have any other missionaries in our city. I particularly loved seeing Sister Bush and Sister Watts (MTC group=friends forever) as well as many other missionary friends I've made since I've been here.
Giant bike statue outside the Apeldoorn train station!
We've had some busy days - well, every day is like that. I love it when we're packed with appointments, but as missionaries, we always have something productive to do and somewhere to be, from 11:00 in the morning until 9:00at night. It makes me realize how much time I wasted before my mission- it's funny how "busy" I felt I sometimes was while still making time for hours of relatively meaningless internet use... Always having a purpose and activity here is very fulfilling, and I hope I'll be able to remember how to retain that after my mission, at least to some extent.

What's fascinating to me is how much my hopes and dreams, joys and disappointments revolve around the actions of others. I am inspired and uplifted when I see investigators or less active members changing their lives, taking small steps to make or honor their covenants- it is an incredible blessing to work with them and see them working for a higher goal, and it's a privilege to me to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in any way to help them. Yet it's also disappointing to recognize the enormous potential in some individuals and not be able to help them see what they could become, or to see them not have the courage to begin the process. Change is sometimes scary to confront, and it's easy to feel comfortable with ourselves and who we are- and God loves us, just as we are! But He also sees what more we can reach if we rely on Him and begin to progress and change for the better. Anyway.... Missionary work is the business of people- and you see all sorts!

We have gotten plenty more snow this week- lovely swirling winds of white fluff, we have woken up in a winter wonderland- it's fantastic. Except that biking in the snow is pretty scary. However, in other news, I have been in my mission and had enough bike experience now to ride completely without hands for several minutes. I can put on gloves, text, make calls, or fix my hair while biking. I'm feeling more and more native every day. :)
Blue skies, and pretty snow! Fortunately, we are well bundled up in our thick coats.

My adorable companion!
My first selfie while riding a bike! (dad does not approve...)

Zr Dobler biking down a snowy lane.
Me doing the same.
We had a great testimony meeting in church yesterday- I love hearing spiritual and uplifting experiences from the members of the congregation. The members of the Assen branch are incredible. With their faith, this branch will become a ward in no time! And we had several investigators in sacrament meeting; I love sharing what brings me so much joy!
Dad, this one is especially for you - a member gave us this bottle-shaped chocolate that looks like champagne and wanted us to send a picture home to parents. you're supposed to be shockedth'm drinking on my mission.

I got to hold and read a really old book- like, hundreds of years, apparently- at the Loorbach's house. Way cool, especially for the history nerd within me! An old Dutch Bible? Yes, please!
Just awesome!
Funny Dutch pun/cute saying of the week: "Volg je hart, want dat klopt." It means, "follow your heart-" and "klopt" means "that's correct, that makes sense, I understand" in normal usage, but it's also the word for "to beat" or "to knock." Follow your heart, that's what makes sense! And have a great week, everyone!


Zuster Voss
Parting again is a sweet sorrow!

Slightly crazed sister missionaries..?

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