Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bonus Travel Blog

Hallo! We are allowed to email home a bit today in order to coordinate with our families because we are leaving so shortly so I thought I'd send a brief update.
All the Dutchies before we separate.
Our room is a crazy whirlwind of packing right now as we prepare to leave. I have only a few more days left in the United States for the next year and a half! It's a mind blowing thought.
Our room during packing craziness!

On Wednesday we took a little adventure off the main campus of the MTC (it's allowed, don't worry) and got some Jamba Juice and Great Harvest. It was delicious to eat real food, exhilarating to be in the real world and wonderful to explore with friends. I can't wait to be in the real world all the time! The MTC is great but definitely functions as its own self sufficient little planet.

Off campus eating adventure
I've just been thinking how when I arrived here at the MTC, summer was in full swing, the sun was blazing and we adored staying inside. Just in the past couple of weeks however, the temperatures have noticeably cooled, the air is crisper and we are even beginning to see some leaves change. Sorry for this silly simile, but I see a connection to how my life has been shifting. I've been growing spiritually and have had so many personal insights. The MTC is great, but I'm about to go really experience my mission in the field- the seasons shift from summer to autumn, and my life is undergoing change as I prepare to live in Europe for the next 17 months or so! Change can be hard but it's also beautiful and wonderful. Just as I always look forward to fall, I can't wait to see where the next year and a half will take me! (Not literally. I already know they'll take me to Belgium and the Netherlands.)
Sister Bush had a cute bike shirt, and I had my bike skirt and bike necklace, and we just matched - it was adorable.

Anyway, I hope all is well!

Zuster Voss
Bonus massage line picture :-)

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