Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guest Blog: Transition to the Field

Hi all, Brother Voss here. Just wanted to post a couple pictures and let everyone know that we received a note from McKinney's Mission President indicating that she has arrived safely.
The Robinson's new recruits!
Here is an excerpt from the note from Sis Robinson:
Your missionary has arrived safely and is now out in the mission field living the life of a missionary.  We met them at the Schipole Airport on Tuesday morning.  We spent the morning in interviews and paper work for their legality and finances for the duration of their time here.  The afternoon they traveled to Rijswijk to register into the country.  Later that afternoon they all had a well deserved nap.  That evening after dinner we had a short training by President Robinson and a short testimony meeting.  They opened their 'first area' letters and found out where in the mission they will be serving and who their new trainer and companion will be.  Wednesday morning the Assistants to the President trained on mission culture and mission procedures. Next, they met their new companions and President and I spent about 60 minutes training and answering any remaining questions.  Wednesday afternoon they traveled to sign into the country which completes the process for the Netherlands.  Wednesday evening they were in their assigned areas of labor and with their new companion doing missionary work.  It was only smiles and excitement as they left for the train station yesterday. 

President and I are extremely impressed with your sons and daughters.  At the MTC they have acquired a great foundation in the Dutch language and Preach My Gospel.  They are optimistic, happy, excited and come with strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We serve missions with faith in Christ and a great love for Him, and President and I see that in your child. Thank you for your love and support of your missionary.  Your positive and uplifting emails over the next 18 months or 2 years will be a highlight for them each week.  Your missionary will fill you in on all the details of their mission and the work they do each week in their weekly email home each Monday.  We encourage you to follow the events of the mission at belgiumnetherlandsmission.blogspot.com.  By the first of next week I should have all the pictures of this past week on the blog.  


Sister Robinson
OK, confession time. I may or may not (I did) have accidentally bumped into this group of missionaries as they were preparing to depart from the SLC airport. In fairness, I do travel extensively, but I did show up for my flight about 8 hours early... Not to worry though, I have since repented and committed to a more obedient lifestyle moving forward. Some pictures from that happy incident are posted below.


Brother Voss

"Dream Team" companionship!

This one is going on my wall. One of the happiest feelings I have had in recent memory!

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