Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, December 15, 2014

The student becomes the teacher

From being trained to training was a pretty abrupt transition, so this week has felt remarkably long- however, it's been wonderful!
Sister Dobler, myself and Sister Woodbury!
My last couple of days with Sister Woodbury were very busy. We still did a lot of teaching, a lot of planning. In District Meeting, we had the Dundies, thanks to Elder Claflin, the most hilarious district leader ever. I should explain that in mission slang, if you are a missionary's last companion before he or she goes home, you "kill" him or her. So I won the "Silent Killer" Dundie. Similarly, when we explained that concept to some members of the ward in our last dinner appointment, they thought it was hilarious. Their 12 year old in the closing prayer prayed fervently that the blood of Sister Woodbury on my hands wouldn't haunt me forever, and then saying goodbye firmly shook my hand and said "Doei, moordenaar!" (Bye, murderer!). Ouch.

WE woke up early on Wednesday morning so we could catch our train to be in Leiden at 9:30 to pick up my greenie. Waking up at 5:00 is pretty early, even for missionaries! But we got there on time. In the station, I saw Sister Robbins, my first companion- I've missed her! And I also saw Sister Watts and Sister Thomas, the other two sisters from my group who are training this transfer. It was nice to have the emotional support from good friends right beside me while we waited to meet our new greenies- I was pretty nervous!
Sister Robbins, Sister Watts and I! I love these ladies!

Preparing to train with Sister Watts and Sister Thomas. Ah!
Well, they ushered us into a big room, and we just had to find each other! My new companion's name is Sister Dobler, and she is way cool! She's from California, she's 19 like I am (my first companion who's actually younger than me! Though not by much) and she also went to BYU. We had a big training meeting together, and then we had lunch- all the departing missionaries were there, so I got to eat with my trainer and my greenie, a lovely little multi-generational meal. Then Sister Dobler and I were off for Assen!

Well, training. I must say, I think taking over the city is more stressful than training. I feel bereft without Sister Woodbury to talk decisions over with. But from our experiences of the past few days I've learned that I know this city better than I thought, and that I have indeed been well prepared to kind of be in charge here now. Training is a sacred responsibility, but in the letter calling me to train it says that Heavenly Father and President Robinson have full confidence in me... Which is simultaneously comforting and humbling. And fortunately, Sister Dobler is extremely competent. She learns quickly and is super enthusiastic, and I already feel like I can rely on her. One couldn't ask for a better greenie! We've had some cool teaching and finding experiences here already. I feel less panicked at being in charge every day. Gelukkig :) And, my Dutch is suddenly sufficient to do everything we need too. I can testify that the gift of tongues is real!
A member, Aswin Loorbach and I after he was a great joint teach at a lesson! The members here are awesome about being willing to come on join teach.
The weather this week has been pretty crazy. On Sister Dobler's first full day, it was super erratic, mostly in undesirable ways- rain downpour, hail, brief sun, drizzly rain, always cold. However, we've also had a couple nice days- on maybe her third day, when the sun actually was shining in the morning, Sister Dobler said something along the lines of "Look! The sun is so pretty! This is the first time I've seen it here!" Oh dear. Welcome to Nederland... But It isn't always so bad.

Also, when we got her her new bike, and when I was returning a bike I had borrowed to someone, I had the opportunity to ghost ride- which is where you're riding your bike and also holding onto another one at the same time. It can be kind of dangerous because you have less control, but I must admit that I was fairly impressed that I was able to to it for fairly long stretches, although it did make my arms and shoulders sore. The second time I tried though, we were going against an incredibly strong wind that almost blew me over just trying to regularly ride... The ghost riding didn't go quite as well that time. However, it isn't often that you have three bikes and two people to get somewhere, so hopefully I won't have to do it again very frequently- although it is nice to know that I can, in a pinch!
Me with an investigator, Nassira :)

We had a cool experience in a lesson this past week. We were explaining to one of our investigators that there is a prophet on the earth today, and we use an ipad to help teach him, because he can't speak super great Dutch or English- and through it he asked, "Where does the prophet live? How can we listen to him?" We were able to explain General Conference and show him how to access it, but mostly it was really cool for me to see someone with the sincere desire to obtain all the words possible of God!

Yesterday, Sister Woodbury and her parents (who came to Nederland to pick her up) were in church. It was so good to see Sister Woodbury again, and to meet them! We had dinner with a family in the ward after church and it was so fun to be together in a group.
Car Selfie of 3 Zusters on the way to dinner.

Leiden Station. Last picture as companions

Nothing like putting actual parents in the picture to help me feel more like actual sisters with these wonderful ladies!
So far, training hasn't been too overwhelming. I'm excited for the adventures we'll have together over the coming transfer! And the Christmas cheer we've created in our apartment is the cure to any stress. Many sweet ward members have given us Christmas cards, which is also really nice.
Christmas cards, tree, stockings, snowflakes in our apartment~!
With the upcoming Christmas season, I encourage everyone to go on you tube and search "He is the Gift" and watch that movie- it really has helped me at least to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. And if you want to watch it in Dutch, search "Hij is het Geschenk." Also really cool. Merry Christmas, Fijne Kerst! I love you all!

Zuster Voss

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