Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Plot Twist...

Today's post begins with with a PLOT TWIST! After only six weeks in the beautiful city of Gent, I am being transferred to Leeuwarden, way up North back where I began my mission! Sister Robbins is leaving too and headed to Turnhout, actually. So that is pretty cool. We kind of switched- but I am glad we got to overlap one transfer here together! It is a little bit weird to be "whitewashed" in missionary lingo- two completely new sisters coming here in our place- but I know they will do a great job in taking care of this special city. I am sad to leave so quickly, but also excited to embrace my new area! I am also excited to work with Sister Jaramillo. She is Aruban, and fabulous! I have been released as Sister Training Leader as well, so we can focus on our normal missionary responsibilities there!
Leaving my beloved companion Zuster Robbins

Wow, after that news it feels anticlimactic to report about the rest of the week. But it was a good one, so I shall endeavor to share some reasons why. :) First of all, the weather was exquisite! In the high sixties for the first week of Noevember. Ongelooflijk mooi.

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Huber in Lokeren! We did some service helping a part member family clean their house before moving in, which was fun! Then the next morning after knocking on doors for an hour, a sweet lady let us in, listened to the whole first lesson, and kindly encouraged us in the work we are doing. Miracles!
Swings with Sis Huber!
Doing service with Sister Huber in Lokeren :)

Family picture with the Geens. They have had us over every Sunday! Thank you!
With familie Goethals! Echt familie :)
Sister Robbins and I had some cool experiences too, We talked to people in the trains, trams, and buses, and everyone has their own story, hopes and dreams. I am convinced that the Gospel will help every individual to realize their dreams! It has certainly helped me.

Life is good. Mostly, I am just learning to trust that the Lord's plan for my life and my mission is perfect. It isn't always what I expect, but it is always right. It's that faith that gives me hope and courage to tackle the unknown and leave behind the familiar and comfortable. We can all experience that through Christ. Carpe Diem iedereen!

Have a great week! Goodbye Belgium, I have loved you!

Liefs, Zuster Voss

PS: Serving with Sister Robbins was a great joy and pleasure. I will really miss her. Our conversations over these six weeks have been mutually uplifting and healing. I will miss her tons and I am grateful Heavenly Father blessed us with this chance to serve together in the field!
Sister Robbins and I made planners for each other!

Swinging with Sis Robbins! (we do other things, sometimes it is just nice to sit down for a second!)
Got to go to the wedding of investigators in Turnhout, a special family and my dear friends!

Sis Bradley's mission ends in a few days! Weird to say goodye.
3 train rides make missionaries sleepy
Sunset in Belgium

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