Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cheerfully Doing the Work!

We have had a glorious, exhausting week in Den Haag! Where to begin?
A giant klompen

Den Haag is international and super interesting. I still can't get enough of the architecture, beautiful daffodil-lined canals, and I even got a glimpse of the beach this week!

Sister Bradley and I have been working so, so hard. We have been looking people up who expressed interest in learning about the church but never really got a chance. We have been talking to every person we see on the street, biking all over the entire city (and it's big, man!) and working with members and investigators to help them progress. And the Lord has been blessing us with success! We have found new people to teach almost every single day, we have been teaching, and planning our hearts out. I have never worked this hard in my life or in my mission, and I have never felt so happy and fulfilled. And exhausted, for that matter. yet while it's tiring, I feel inspired, motivated by a new energy and zeal, still more enthusiastic for the work! Not like I've Always been lazy or lackadaisical before in my mission or life.
We aren't supposed to act like tourists but... I had to
But Sister Bradley and I are committed to some high goals, rededicated, and doing everything we can that lies in our power to reach them. It's absolutely exhilarating. I've also never prayed so hard in my life, or seen more clearly the Lord's hand in the work, blessing it.
Mijn collega en ik in front of the stad huis in Delft.

De Zuster
As far as specific things that have happened... Well, since there are 8 missionaries in one ward, it means we're all close and can kind of hang out on preparation day. So last Monday, we went to Delft! You might be familiar with the beautiful blue Delft blauw designs on plates? That's where that comes from. It's a gorgeous old city. We climbed a church tower where we could see Den Haag in one direction and Rotterdam in the other. It was fun, beautiful, and came with free hot chocolate afterwards.
It looks photoshopped, but I swear this was literally the view. Yes, this is the country I am so blessed right now to live and serve in!
Enjoying our hot chocolate!
Everyone at the table (Elders Reese, Connatti, Claflin, Davis, Elkins, Bernier, Sis. Bradley and I) enjoying the hot chocolate in a cute little cafe
<Added by Brother Voss> Apparently Elder Claflin continues to follow my daughter around the mission as he was also transferred to Den Haag the same week as Zuster Voss. This means he will be her District Leader for at least 5 straight transfers. Is stalking not a thing there in Nederland?...

I also had the chance to spend a day with Sister Riley and Sister Faasavalu in Zoetermeer! that was really fun too. We worked, and sang, and it was all really gezellig. We found people by singing hymns. Hey, miracles come in mysterious ways!
Sister Riley, Sister Faasavalu and I in Zoetermeer!
Jumping Picture Fail...
So, I'm loving this city, this companion, this transfer. I'm very tired, very happy, very motivated, filled with purpose. It's a great feeling. And we had a couple of nice Sunny days this week, a couple of cold cloudy ones... it's all good.
On the outside of the church tower we climbed
I was studying patience this week and found a beautiful scripture in D&C 123:17. let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then stand still, and trust in God (to paraphrase). Yes! I will do, happily, all that I know I can do. And at that point, I know God is in control, and He will make everything work out the way it needs to. We aren't alone here. We are loved, watched over, and protected. I'm so grateful for that knowledge. I'm grateful to be on my mission, to be in Den Haag. God has a plan for each of us!

I hope you have a splendid, lovely week!

Zuster McKinney Voss

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  1. Always a wonderful inspiration to read about Sister Voss's missionary adventures!