Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Day Transfers Actually Applied to Me, and Raw Fish, Round II

Ik, Zuster Voss, here in Assen- goodbye!
Last week was a pretty quiet, chill week in Assen. This week, by contrast, was ridiculously packed!

First of all, transfer calls happened last night. After spending the first six months of my mission in beloved little Assen, I am finally moving-- I'm going to DEN HAAG! My new companion will be Sister Bradley, who I already know quite well from the three transfers she spent in Groningen just above me, so no mystery or surprise there either- I'm excited to get to work with her!

It's hard to describe just exactly how I feel. First of all, it's going to be a big transition. I'll be leaving a lovely cozy baby city far in the northeast and heading to a booming, bustling, internationally significant metropolis by the beach (however cold it might be right now) in the south. I'm thrilled by the prospect of taking on this next step of adventure, but I know I will also miss this place and these people where I am now. I have loved serving in Assen, and I know that Den Haag will be a completely different experience. It feels right; I know I'm being called there by the Lord. All I can do now is wait and see how it will be! I'm ready to embrace Den Haag!
Sister Support Day with Elder Bean and Elder Robbins
The rest of this week's excitement began with Tuesday, when our Zone Leaders, Elder Bean and Elder Robbins came to Assen for a Sister Support Day. They joined us as joint teaches in a couple of lessons and went contacting with us, and it was cool to learn from them and how they approach missionary work. Also, some hilarity ensued. It is my firm opinion that all Elders are at least slightly crazy. It's remarkable that they can be professional representatives of the Lord, and still retain a healthy sense of humor.
MTC group, zone Conf Elder Hirsch, Sister Bush, Watt, and Me

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference with the Rotterdam and Apeldoorn zones in Apeldoon. Zone Conference is always a really nice opportunity to hear from President and Sister Robinson as well as some of our other leaders. We learned about how we can use the Atonement daily in our lives, through accounting to the Lord through prayer. We also had the special opportunity to watch Meet the Mormons!!!! I'd heard a lot about it, so it was awesome to finally see! I loved the stories about faithful latter-day Saints all over the world, with their unique situations and experiences.

Thursday was another special day- Sister Dobler tried haring for the first time! She took it well, and didn't make nearly as many funny faces as I did. It was still an epic moment as she lowered it ino her mouth, however. I also decided to do it wih her, since my trainer did it with me- of course, Sister Woodbury actually liked haring. But I figured that six months had gone by, I might as well give it another try! Still gross, actually. I don't think I ever need to eat it again. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. And we got stroopwafel ice cream afterward to make it all better!
Here we go!
Companionship unity: ew, gross!
What are you doing Sister Voss...?
Hema Stoopwafel sundae!
On Saturday and Sunday, we attended sessions of Apeldoorn stake conference, in Apeldoorn and Zwolle. It was really good! Elder Price, of the third quorum of the Seventy was in attendance, and shared some powerful stories about Christ's uncompomised love, and how the efforts of a ward council can effectively reach out to rescue those in need. It was an inspiring and enjoyable experience.

The work this week also went well. We had some great lessons with investigators, part member families, and less active members. We're all in a different place in our Gospel progression, and our job as missionaries is to help everyone continue still farther on the path.
Mexican fiesta! Thanks to the sponsors-  Care package from Mom and Dad! Special Delivery by Uncle Eric!
At one point this week, I was feeling somewhat discouraged, and I shared my feelings with Sister Dobler- and man, she understands her purpose and the good she can do as a companion! She helped me see the situation from another perspective, encouraged me, and I could just feel her love and support. I felt completely buoyed up, and it was really a testimony to me as to why we are never alone in the work- a companion can be such a great strength and support! I am going to miss Sister Dobler a lot. The incessant singing and laughing as we've taken care of this corner of the Lord's vineyard has been so wonderful. I'm grateful to have had her as a companion!

And now, what can I share more? This is my last letter from Assen! Next week I'll be in Den Haag. One thing I'm really grateful for is that we are constantly given new opportunities and second chances in this life. Den Haag with be a new beginning for me. But I'm grateful for the chance that I have every day and every week to reflect back on what I've done, ask forgiveness for my mistakes and recommit to do better. The Atonement is real and unlimited; all that's asked of us is to take advantage of it. We can all be clean, we can all receive peace of heart and mind in knowing that our Father in Heaven is proud of us for trying. I'm so thankful for the miracle of forgiveness. Because of Christ, we are free!

En dat wil ik bij jullie achter laten in de naam van Jezus Christus-- Amen.
Adieu from Assen!


Zuster McKinney Voss


  1. How exciting. I hope you enjoy your first transfer.

  2. Oh, sorry. This is your Uncle Michael. I guess this routes through your Aunt's account.