Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Assen anymore...

Flag of each Province, not too far from the working palace of the Queen.
This week I am faced with the difficult task of summing up my last two precious days in Assen and also relating all that has occurred in my past five eventful days here in the big city of Den Haag!

Monday and Tuesday were a blur of attempting to see everyone to say goodbye and late-night packing. It's incredible how much stuff I accumulated/spread out over the entire apartment in six months. In any case, I miraculously squeezed it all into a couple suitcases.

We got to eat dinner with Marjon on Monday and with the Keuters on Tuesday, two of the places where I've felt most loved, comfortable and supported. Then I was given a farewell sendoff complete with cake and everything elsewhere. Honestly, I will miss the friends and family I've made in Assen so much! I'm grateful for all the wonderful experiences I've had there.
My sweet greenie
Last District Mtg, this is the kind of craziness that went down last transfer.
Seperation blues
Matching Drenthe sweatshirts with our beloved Marjon!
But, the day came for transfers. Sister Dobler helped me lug everything to the station, and there was some last minute panic about me purchasing my bike card to let me carry my bike on the train, but thanks to what I'm certain was divine intervention, we made it in time. But then the first bike compartment of the train was all loaded up with the Groningen missionaries! So we ran all the way to the other end of the train. It was crazy, but we made it, loaded everything on and safely rode to Utrecht Centraal, the central meeting point for all missionaries. It was kind of insane with so many missionaries, bikes and luggage, but it was fun to see everyone! It was there that I bade farewell to my dear Sister Dobler. My baby's all grown up and taking care of Assen now!
From Assen to Den Haag! That's a decent distance.
Sleepy me and all my stuff piled on the train on transfers day
How crazy it gets at Utrecht Centraal.
From Utrecht I rode with a couple other missionaries to Leiden, where I was picked up by my new companion, Sister Bradley! And an awesome member, Ethlyn. We rode to Den Haag and dropped all my stuff off, then set out to get to know our city! Sister Bradley is a bit new here too, of sorts, so we're kind of figuring it out together.
Selfie-ception with Zuster Bradley

Den Haag! Where do I start? It's huge, international, vibrant, brilliant. Assen was great, but compared to this, so small! There are so many people here. Sister Bradley and I have seen miracles - every time we've gone out contacting, we've found a potential investigator. It's so easy to just talk to people on the street- there are so many people! The architecture here is stunning, I love the canals, the diversity, everything. The first time Sister Bradley led me home on our bikes through the busy city centrum, I thought I was going to die or crash- between the trams, cars, scooters, bikes, and pedestrians everywhere, I wasn't sure how to navigate! But Sister Bradley is a city missionary and she led me safely through. This is going to be an adventure all right.

I love the social missionary environment here. Including the fulltime senior couple, there are 10 missionaries just in our ward! At correlation, Our ward mission leader had to ask us to try to coordinate baptism so there wasn't one every single weekend, so more members could come. With so many missionaries in one city, we see each other much more often, and hanging out on p-days is totally feasible. I'm eating it up. In Assen we were pretty isolated. So this is fantastic! Our zone leaders and district leaders are just right in our own city!
Old church building in Den Haag. It's casual.
Companion selfie with the architectural beauty!
Sister Bradley and I are loving it together so far!
I love interacting with the young single adults, people my age, as well! There's a great group here and I'm excited to get to know them better!

Sister Bradley and I have had some great lessons, but it's weird for me to teach in English! I kind of miss all the overwhelming Dutch in Assen, up there in the North. But I suppose teaching in English is fun too. :)

I also love the ward here. It's huge, and friendly. Feels like America. But the church is the same everywhere!

Another huge highlight was the musical concert of the singing elders in our area. I hadn't seen Elder Reese for several transfers, so it was great to see him again- moreover, he, Elder Hunter, Elder Pouwer and Elder Connatti did a great job sharing the love of Christ and the universality of our experiences here through music. It was a fantastic missionary event and moving for me personally. There's a lot of talent there and they're using it righteously to share the Gospel!

My time is dwindling, But I hope I've been able to share the most essential of our experiences here so far. I'm so pumped for this transfer! Sister Bradley and I are pumped and ready to draw from our mutual experiences to make this transfer powerful and successful! We've already clicked really well together and I can't wait to see what happens!

Have a great week everybody and remember, you are loved! And give a family member a hug today. I wish I could do that right now. Let's all share a little love!

Zuster Voss
Dundies round four with my eternal district leader, Elder Claflin.
Goodbye to my lovely greenie!

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