Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amazing Grace!

Well folks, we had a wonderful week here in Den Haag!
In the centrum in front of a pretty church :)

The investigators we are working with are making progress! It's so thrilling to have this front row seat to individuals experiencing a mighty change of heart and lifting their lives up to a higher level, coming closer to their Creator. We have had some great lessons, with members and without- we actually did a lot of teaching this week, which is the ideal. Our schedule gets crazy sometimes, appointments fall through and get made again last minute, but we had a day where everything actually worked out exactly how we had planned it! That in itself is pretty unexpected in missionary life :)

We had zone conference together with Amsterdam zone! I found it incredibly enlightening. Firstly, we had the opportunity to see the short documentary/movie "A New Day for the Book of Mormon"which I found fascinating and strongly recommend that everyone watch, member or not- it treats the Book of Mormon from a very intellectual perspective as a literary work of notice for the religious and non religious alike.

We also learned about Grace. A debate that is probably now centuries old asks whether we are saved by grace or works.
Zone Conference with my MTC group brothas! Elders Reese, Morell, and Lott.
To be honest, we are saved by grace alone, so to speak- we can't pay the price of our sins- only Christ could. It is by His merits and mercy that it is even possible to return to our Heavenly Father's presence. But just because he made it possible doesn't mean we don't have a role as well- our obedience determines how much we take advantage of that incomprehensible gift of grace that is offered to us. What's more, it is a source of daily power that we can draw from, to strengthen us and help us to be patient, humble, and charitable beyond our earthly capacities. I am so grateful for Christ's amazing grace! I am making it a personal goal to be more aware of it and draw from it constantly each day.

A highlight of the week was an incredible dinner appointment with the Scherf family and an investigator and her family on Thursday. I can't imagine a better, nicer, more comfortable way to get to know the church than through open, kind members in their own home. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and we are grateful for members willing to open their homes to accept everyone around them, especially those who are just beginning to investigate the church and really need some open arms to be welcomed into.

Speaking of which, this Den Haag ward is really good about providing dinner appointments for the missionaries- Sister Bradley and I have had several "perfect weeks" (a dinner appointment every single night) since we've have been here, thanks to the love and generosity of the members! however, this past week was a little bit quieter for all the missionaries, so we (Elders Schmidt, Bernier, Claflin, Davis, and Sister Bradley and I) decided to get together in the church to have our own dinner appointment. We all pitched in something, and it was complete even with dessert and a spiritual thought. That was pretty fun!
Our church dinner appointment feast!

Last p-day, we happened to be with the Delft elders and zone leaders in the centrum and had the idea to pick out complete outfits for one another and see how it turned out, which ended up being pretty hilarious!
Group picture - modeling our fabulous outfits, the very latest in summer fashion
Sister bradley and I! The elders did a pretty good job picking our outfits!
Elder Bernier and Elder Schmidt rockin it!
Elder Conatti and Elder Reese. Peace.
I love being on a mission! Not that it isn't often challenging or discouraging, but ultimately some of my most precious memories and joyful moments I'm experiencing right here in the Netherlands. I know that Heavenly Father is active in all of our lives and that He takes care of His children and work. :)

Sister McKinney Voss

(dad note) - I missed my time to "chat" during McKinney's e-mail time this week and the result was a long update with lots of pictures (since I was not distracting her). You're welcome!

With Gayana after church!

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