Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Double Baptism

What a jam packed, wonderful week! I will start out with the most pressing news: transfer information! I will be staying in Den Haag for another six weeks, but my dear companion Sister Bradley will be leaving for Lelystad on Wednesday, and Sister Hopkin will be coming to take her place. Exciting, yet sad! we will miss Sister Bradley!
Me with baby swans in Zoetermeer. I've seen more cygnets than ducklings this spring. #europe
Some incredible things happened this week. Firstly, we had a baptism! In a crazy turn of events, it occurred in Breda... I will explain. Almost five weeks ago, Sister Bradley contacted a man named R just on the street while on exchanges with Sister Faasavalu. He is currently living in Breda, but spends the week in Den Haag because he works/is trying to move here. he is super enthusiastic and we have been teaching him here the whole transfer- meanwhile, he loves the gospel so much he has introduced it to multiple friends, and one that he brought to church in Breda has been taking lessons from the sisters there (Robbins and Faasavalu!<3) ever since. They have both made so much progress and were ready for baptism- because R technically still lives in Breda, that's where he needed to be baptized, but he was still our investigator. So on Saturday night we slept over with the Breda sisters and on Sunday we held a double baptism! It was so special. Our ward mission leader Brother Scherf came as well and was able to baptize R, who is so golden and prepared. It was a beautiful service! It was cool to visit Breda as well and to be reunited with my lovely MTC companion Sister Robbins.
Sister Faa and I last transfer.
The four of us crammed in the back seat of a car! gezellig!
Me with sister robbins and the mini peanut butter I gave her which she loves
This is kind of non chronological, but earlier this week we actually had another cool experience with R- he wanted to visit the temple, so we all went on a field trip to Zoetermeer and had a lesson on the temple grounds. R recognized how powerful the Spirit was there and it was such a cool opportunity to testify that baptism is just the first step; ultimately, it is the entrance to the path that leads to temple covenants and blessings.

Other things that have happened... we had a really cool member referral last week actually. A member had been discussing the church with her friend and invited us to go by with a book of Mormon. Her friend immediately invited us in, we taught about the Restoration, we made a new appointment and she came to church. So cool! I love member referrals!

We had a fun dinner appointment in Delft with Brother/Dr. Ames and a group of students from BYU here studying water management resources for a couple weeks. He related the story of his mission in Scotland in the 80's when a visiting businessman took him and other missionaries out for pizza, because when that guy was on his mission in Italy in the 60's another businessman had taken him out for pizza... So Brother Ames gave us pizza in the Netherlands in 2015 and now the mantle is on our shoulders :) It was really fun, talking to people with American accents. his son is also in this mission, so that's pretty cool!

Enjoying Pizza provided by Bro Ames

We had a "sister support day"working with our zone leaders. We contacted people together, taught together, and I always love the opportunity to learn from other missionaries by working together. We found a lot of interested potential investigators over the day which was fabulous! We have some great zone leaders. We will miss Elder Bernier, who is going to Antwerpen!
Breakfast with Delft Elders Conatti and Reese this morning- Mark and Spencer's scones! mmm
This morning we played basketball with our district and zone leaders in the park, which we have done a couple other times during the past two transfers.
Ball'in on P-Day - Team Photo
It is my favorite way to exercise! It is a great group that we have had here. Change is part of life though, so we bid adieu to those leaving and welcome the new elders and sisters coming in!

I guess what has just been with me this week is that we don't earn or merit any blessings we ever receive- Heavenly Father just does His work and it is an honor to get to participate. I love being a missionary!

I miss and pray for you all at home daily. Have a great week!

Liefs, Zuster McKinney Voss
Me and sister Bradley with ELDER and sister Romig (not brother. he has actually been set apart :) )

P.S. Happy Memorial Day!
The Temple!
Basketball with the district and zone leaders this morning! (Bernier, Schmidt, Claflin, Davis)
The basketball court in the park is right by this random banana statue, so whenever we agree to meet there it kind of turned into "meet @banana 6:35" a time honored tradition

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