Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

De echte Konings Dag

Long time no blog! Just kidding. But eight days instead of six days between p-days makes a big difference for us missionaries! It is nice to be able to relax after a long week.

But it has been a lovely week! Last Monday was, drum roll please... King's Day! Which is kind of a celebration of the current ruler, held on the birthday of not the current monarch but like two in the past... Anyway, it's a free day for all the Dutch, and basically it's a massive yard sale. Everyone puts all the stuff they want to get rid of out on the street, walks around wearing orange, just relaxing and having a good time! there was a really chill vibe in the air. we missionaries all over the country set up tables full of pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon to give away, and just had a blast talking to people, sharing the message, and enjoying the spirit of the day. We did it in Schevenginen, by the beach, and there were lots of other families out selling things- totally gezellig! We actually found a lot of potentials, people interested in hearing more, and gave away a lot of books and pamphlets. Also, while walking around and talking to people, we found a lot of great bargains. I got two practically new blazers, Harry potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Dutch (unbelievable how much self control it's going to take for me to not read that for the next nine months) flowers for my bike, kid-sized klompen, and random other knick knacks all for 8 euros. Not bad! I'd call it a successful King's Day from all accounts!

We had a great week further- a busy day at church Sunday. It's always stressful to have a lot of investigators in church, talking to members to set up dinner appointments or joint teaches, but it's the best kind of stress in the world. It's always a whirlwind three hours, but it's the best three hours of the week!
Free cotton candy! (suikerspin)
At the beach in Scheveningen (have fun trying to pronounce that)
We are so happy with how our investigators are doing. One 18 year old girl in particular is so positive, loves church and asks so many questions to learn everything she can, and immediately implements the commandments she learns into her life. She loves reading the Book of Mormon. Absolutely incredible!

Another one of our investigators is equally positive, but struggling to overcome addictions to smoking and alcohol. He feels the Spirit so clearly in lessons and loves the church, but just needs help conquering those addictions that are holding him back. it is so clear to me how those substances hold us back in our progression and why it is important to avoid them.

Another cool/random experience from the week- this one time on my mission, I taught a monk! Yes, it's true. Sister Bradley and I were asked to prepare the lesson for institute, a mid-week scripture study class for the young single adults. We did our best- it was kind of a deep lesson about Doctrine and Covenants 88, but it turned out really well. One of the regular young adults who attends brought a new friend of his- an actual monk from a monastery in this city. he had met him and they loved having discussions about religion. So he was invited to come to institute! it was so cool. There we were, just teaching a lesson to a monk in actual robes and everything. he was a young, cool guy with great insights. It was a pleasure to exchange ideas with him.
Our picture with the monk. he's kind of being covered by the elders
On May Day I made daisy chains for Sister Bradley and I. The weather has been up and down, but what I love is how green and bright it is! It is bright long before we wake up at 6:30am and I am much more motivated to hop up from my prayers and go out jogging or something after waking up.

Fun side note- Sister Sarah Juchau, one of my teachers in the MTC is visiting Nederland with her mom and they happened to be in Den Haag, so we got to see them! So much fun! interesting to note the changes of the last nine months... Amazingly, I speak Dutch now. :) it was a Delight to briefly see her!
[Dad Note] Just decided to add this picture because I thought it was fun...
I love the regular adventures of missionary life. Teaching, planning, finding- it is a great joy and pleasure. We get to interact with such special, incredible people. I am grateful for all I am learning about patience, love, and hope. This is a crazy world we live in, but there is Always peace and comfort through Christ.
Me in downtown den haag showing off the new flowers I got for the handlebars of my bike!
May Day daisy crown
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Voss

Bro Romig - Master of the selfie...

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