Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Always Missionaries (even on P-Day)

Well, we have had a busy week! Full of adventures and miracles.

The first adventure was when we went to Bruges (Brugge) last p=day. There were so many tourists! I heard American English just casually on the street, and it just shocked me. But it was cool because a couple of members of the church who were on vacation approached us to say hi and encourage us to keep up the great work. I love those little moments! We enjoyed walking around touring the beautiful city, taking pictures with the many gorgeous buildings... We also bought chocolate/chocolate covered strawberries, well worth it. The Lokeren sisters and Leuven elders were also there, so we got to enjoy the city at different times with them as well.

I think one of the coolest moments of that day was on our way home, we sat down in a train and the lady across from us asked us a question about our nametags. We started talking with her, and then the lady next to her joined the conversation, and soon the man across the aisle was participating as well! We all enjoyed a pleasant hour chatting about the differences between America and Belgium, religion and how it is culturally regarded here, and we were able to share what we believe, because they were asking us questions! It was a big testimony to me that there are missionary opportunities everywhere, and we are definitely always missionaries, even on our preparation day.
Abbey Road with the elders.

I guess this is the most photographed spot in Brugge. So we added to those stats a lot haha.

Brugge with the random Irish dude. Funny story...
A fancy chocolate shop we discovered!
On Tuesday Sister Johanson came on exchanges with me here to turnhout. We had a great day, and a cool experience being led to the home of a former member of the church through a series of coincidences and good luck. We had a good conversation with him and lesson. All of his family are still members of the church in the United States, and he has been living in Belgium for four years. He also served in this mission six years ago, and served right here in Turnhout. I joked that we probably still have the same Nokia brick phone that he used here in 2009, and when I pulled out, his eyes widened and he was like, "it is! that's the same phone!" lol. #missiontechnology. Anyway, it was an interesting experience, to feel like we were so clearly led there, and a fun exchange with sister Johanson.
Turnhout sign.

Sister Johanson and I in front of majestic Antwerpen Centraal!

Sister Duncan and in In Lokeren station :)
Sister Young and I were together in Turnhout again for a brief day before parting ways again to go on exchanges with the Lokeren sisters. I worked in Lokeren with Sister Duncan, and it is an adorable city, just outside Sint-Niklaas. Sister Ducan is also super dedicated. We worked hard, taught a really cool lesson together, and then I saw a rope swing, so we played hard for two seconds on it too haha.
Swing in Lokeren!
Sister Young and I worked in Turnhout together Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are prepared people here and we are doing our best to find and teach them and prepare them to make that necessary covenant of baptism with Heavenly Father! On Sunday afternoon we went to visit a family in our branch whose wife/mother had just passed away. I played them a couple of hymns on my violin and we testified about the plan of salvation, that families can be together forever! I hope we were able to support and show our love for them in some way. It really felt like fulfilling our baptismal covenants- to "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort." (Mosiah 18:8-10).
knocking doors in Brugge!

huge tower in Brugge
I love this work, I love being a missionary and serving the incredible people here. It is a blessing and it is sculpting me into the person that I need to be. I know that God has a plan for each of us, that He loves us. I love Him, and I love all of you. Have a great week iedereen :)

Love, Sister Voss

PS shoutout to the BYU cougars for some awesome wins in football! I may not be in the same country but I get all the updates from our branch president here and my family. woohoo!


  1. Hello, I overheard your conversation with Zuster Johanson today on the bus from Antwerp to Turnhout. It's quite interesting that you can easily find this blog by just typing in the information on your name tag! You are very passionate about your belief when you're talking about it. I wanted to join the conversation but I was on the other side of the bus isle. When I excited the bus I didn't dare to intrude on the conversation you had with Zuster Johanson. I just wanted to say keep up the good work, spread the word and maybe until the next time on this bus line?

    1. sorry for the typo, it should be "When I left the bus ..." :-D

    2. Send me your e-mail address to jvoss15@hotmail.com and I can get in touch with you to continue the conversation. We would love to hear what you have to say!