Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This week was crazy! I can't believe everything has happened within seven days. It feels much longer.

On Monday, Sister Goodman wanted to spend her last p-day in Belgium in Brussels. So we took a little day trip with just the two of us. I still marvel that it's possible- we can just decide to go to Brussels, Belgium on a whim and it's only an hour and a half train ride away! It was delightful. We saw the sights of the main square, got Belgian waffles (of course) walked around the royal palace, and visited a cathedral where there was a free organ concert, which was amazing. Another highlight of the day was running into two American members on vacation- "Sisters!!" It's always so cool to be recognized and appreciated for what we're doing by random strangers. Apparently they had been looking for missionaries their whole trip. So that was cool!

Recreating my waffle picture

Fun in Brussels

Tuesday was our last district meeting. Elder Johnson has gone home (in mission lingo we say he's "dying" just like new missionaries are "born." It's pretty weird, I'll admit). In any case, it was a great meeting. We all brought our helmets to take pictures. I'll miss that district!
These pictures basically characterize our district last transfer, helmets and all. Elders Walker, Thornock, Johnson, Hosea, Roberts, and Clukey, the awesome Caldwells, and Sister Goodman and I. Long live the one true district!

Wednesday was transfer day. It was actually kind of hectic getting everyone on the right trains, but Sister Goodman made it safely to Dordrecht and Sister Young made it safely to Belgium, so all is well! Sister Young is fabulous. She's athletic, sincere, selfless, basically just awesome. We are excited to work together this transfer!
Tilburg Station
Dordrecht Station
Unfortunately, the first few days of this transfer and for me as sister training leader were characterized by me getting really sick. Okay, not too horrible... but a really bad head cold, so I was congested, headachy and coughing for a few days. Considering it's the first time I've really gotten sick on my mission, not too bad. But the timing is sure hilarious haha. Anyway, it's still been awesome. I got to work with Elder Bernier and Elder Hirsch, the zone leaders, to plan our zone vision, focusing on helping the missionaries develop teaching skills, and it was cool to be directed and inspired by the Spirit in the process. We also tried to make it memorable, thus the rephrasing of the preamble and a couple of our favorite hymns.
Our zone vision for this transfer. This is the result when you let Sister Voss participate in planning... A zone vision full of US History and Hymns! It's pretty awesome though. The empty space at the bottom is where we signed our names elaborately with my calligraphy pen in honor of John Hancock. 
Being a sister training leader is wonderful. I am so excited to serve and help in this unique way. But it also adds a lot of responsibility. Basically it's "a weight, a burden so heavy that the backs of the proud will be broken and only humility can carry it." to paraphrase CS Lewis. There's no way I could do it just with my own resources. I have to rely on my heavenly Father. I see my weaknesses so clearly, but I am also aware of the strengths that will help me to accomplish all that is asked of me. Despite the stress that sometimes accompanies this, I am enthusiastic and can't wait to learn from and serve the awesome sisters here in Antwerpen better this transfer!

On Saturday we had District Leader Council, where we met with the other leaders in this zone to determine the needs of the missionaries here and how we could best help them. It was inspiring to take part in. I love the organization in the Church!

On Saturday night we travelled to Nederland so that Sister Young could attend the baptism of an awesome lady she taught in Gouda on Sunday- so we slept over with the Dordrecht sisters, Sister Goodman and Sister Fleming! It was super gezellig and fun. All the sisters in this mission are just stellar.

We returned on Sunday afternoon and managed to have dinner before a lesson we had planned. Despite the fact that it was raining, and I was still sick, we embarked out on the journey and just had such a wonderful spiritual experience. Our investigator had been feeling down and noticed the absence of the Spirit in her life the past week. We felt prompted to read 2 Nephi 32 with her, and it just buoyed her up so much! She repeated several times, "Ik ben zo blij dat jullie zijn gekomen." (I'm so glad you came!). Sister Young bore killer testimony and the Spirit was really strong. Totally worth it.

So it was a wonderful week! I love being on my mission. It has been such a blessing, and it has been changing me. I am so grateful for the experiences I am having here. It is a marvelous work and a wonder!

Have a great week iedereen! Ik hou van jullie!

Liefs, Zuster McKinney Voss
Departing companion. :-(
Getting ice cream after DLC in front of Antwerpen Centraal!
Last moments together
And 1st moments together!
Our street
Uncle Mike pose with a cool statue
Cathedral with an awesome organ suspended on the wall

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