Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Incinerating Chocolate

Well, this was a full, busy week! I think we were in the Netherlands for almost as much time as we were in Belgium. Just country hopping... No big deal haha. We had a big zone conference led by Elder Dyches of the second quorum of the Seventy, so that was a super leerrijk (instructive, learning rich) experience!
MLC with Elder Dyches!! I snagged these pictures from the Bunnell's ipad 
That zone conference was in Zoetermeer though, so we crossed the Belgian border in the chillest way possible... we just took a bus to Tilburg and used Dutch trains from there. So that was cool! We stayed with Sister Fleming and Sister Goodman in Dordrecht for two nights in a row, because on Friday we also and Mission Leader Council at the mission home (we sleep over the night before so we don't have to wake up in the middle of the night and travel for hours and hours to get someplace by 9am). Passing through Den Haag for the first time in a couple of months was a weird experience... This city was my home for 4-5 months, but no longer. so crazy! But cool and fun as well.
Sister Manning and SIster Hanny and Sister Fleming
We had a few minutes before our train came... So we walked around a bit in Den Haag! Sister Fleming is fabulous!

Seeing Ethlyn again was awesome!!

Brief glimpse of my Den Haag favorites
Elder Conatti, SIster Nyakoh, Sister Hopkin, and also Sister Young and Elder Bishesar!
By Elder Dyches I was inspired to reach for new heights of obedience and teaching mastery. Simplify, clarify, verify, testify :) It's helpful, because after a year on my mission, I have been feelingthe need for direction in continuing to improve, and his advice was perfect. We will focus this transfer on learning to apply it.

The next day in Mission Leader Council was also inspiring. It was my first time participating, and it helped me understand so much better my calling and purpose- to lead, serve, love, and train those around me. I can't wait to start going on exchanges this week!
Selfie with Sister Watts at MLC
As an added bonus to the edifying conferences, I had the pleasure of seeing several former companions and other friends. We also had dinner at Ethlyn's house onThursday since we were going to be in Nederland anyway... It was really nice!
Sister Dobler and I at Zone Conference

Sister Romig and Sister Bradley! :-)
Then we were finally back in Belgium on Friday night. There was a stake family day activity on Saturday, a really fun opportunity for investigators an members to get together, have a huge picnic, and just chill in the beautiful weather! We really enjoyed it. Sister Young showed off her soccer skills and immediately won the respect of our branch, so I'd call it a success!

And now a language blunder to lighten the mood. An awesome member of our branch, Tommy, likes to make sure we always have Belgian chocolate, so we cme home one evening to a huge stack of delicious real chocolate. Delighted, I texted him "bedankt voor de verassing!" One tiny letter made a critical difference. "verrassing" means "surprise" while "verassen" means "to incinerate." So instead of saying "thanks for the surprise!" I accidentally texted "thanks for the cremation!" I don't think anything more needs to be said. that's one of my best yet!
Sister Young being awesome!
Beautiful house in a convent with sister Young
Stake family day activity- I saw Sister Verdegem!
Trying to use stilts
With Debby Spijkerman at Ehtlyn's house!
Selfie with sisters Bush, Huber Frederickson
I'm grateful to be on my mission, to be serving the wonderful people of Turnhout, Belgium. God's work is going forward in this plentiful corner of the kingdom. As I strive to consecrate myself and my efforts more fully, I'm learning how much I really rely on the grace of my Savior. It isn't enough to serve with my own capacities and abilities. But when I give my best effort and ask Christ and Heavenly Father to make up the rest it is more than enough.

Ik hou van jullie allemaal. Tot volgende week! Success!
Liefs, Zuster McKinney Voss

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  1. Thrilled to finally see your blog. I love the pictures. Somehow you all look Dutch! Wishing I were there as a missionary. I wanted to go there but was sent to Australia instead, which I am sure turned out to be the right place for me at the time. God bless you in these important months when you are an expert!