Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Believing in Our Potential!

This was a wonderful week! It was full and included lots of traveling and unfortunately lots of not being in our own city, but fantastic nonetheless. And the time that we were here was great! 

Temple selfie with a great group of missionaries!
Wednesday was Temple Conference, our semiannual gathering of missionaries where we all get to visit the temple in Den Haag! This will be the last time for me on my mission, but I would also say it is my best temple experience thus far. I went in more prepared to learn and receive answers. It brought a lot of peace and serenity, and added spiritual strength to visit the house of the Lord. I am grateful that such a thing is possible through the restored priesthood. God wants us close to Him! The Temple is His house, and it should also be our home.

At temple conference we also were able to learn a lot from our mission leaders. Personally, I was inspired to not cheat my potential by buying into self limiting beliefs! We can accomplish anything we believe we can. Heavenly Father will support us in our righteous desires. I know I am capable of more that I can imagine, and I am excited to unlock that potential with the help of mijn Heiland!

We are working with some great investigators and members here. I love seeing the enthusiasm with which the members are starting to participate in missionary work- talking to friends and colleagues, just being open about their faith! Then reporting their experiences to us, because we always love to hear about it.

This week was also stake conference in Brussels, Belgium. It was a huge gathering, with everyone in the Antwerpen stake, which includes parts of the Netherlands. I loved seeing friends from Turnhout, and was also very uplifted. An investigator who came with us received a personal welcome from the stake president over the pulpit, and an invitation to continue to develop a testimony and be baptized. So, that was super cool! I love the members here, how they reach out and welcome everyone into their midst. It is a pleasure to serve here!

That was the week, dus. I love my mission. I love serving these marvelous people. I am grateful for the gospel, for the grace of my Savior that gets me through difficult times. I know that when we are burdened, when we feel low, all we have to do is reach up and reach out and listen for the reassuring voice telling us everything will be okay. I know that Christ knows us each individually and loves us. I have felt His power in my life!

Fijne week iedereen. Ik hou van jullie!

Liefs, Zuster Voss
This is Sister Hopkin, Ethlyn and I walking to Sister's conference together a few weeks ago :)
With a member and investigator in front of the church building in Brussels, Belgium.
The sign out front is in three languages!
We did a Bollywood activity with the young women here in Gent, and it was a blast!
I saw the Prosmans from Den Haag when we were at the church building there for temple conference!
Sister Robbins and I with Elder Morrell
Cute pictures of us in front of the station

Eating lunch at zone conference. Again, with some of my best friends and favorite people!
Zr dobler! my baby is all grown up and saving china!

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