Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Journey of Discipleship

Goedendag van Gent, iedereen! A blissfully happy Sister Voss reporting to you this week from the other side of Belgium. So far, I am loving it here. There are wonderful members in this branch, Gent is a beautiful city, and being reunited with Sister Robbins, my MTC companion, is a dream come true. Going about and doing the work has been very pleasant. Not it has never been before, and I also really miss blessed Turnhout and the amazing people there, and Sister Young, but this was the easiest transition I have experienced.

Sister Robbins and I toevallig in Antwerpen Centraal haha
Also the easiest transfer. I packed up all my stuff, got on a train to Antwerpen Centraal, met Sister Robbins there, then we continued on to Gent. Painless. We dropped my stuff off at the apartment and went right to work!

We have seen some cool miracles this week. We only had a couple hours one day to just go out and talk to people, so we decided to look up some people who had previously expressed interest. We went out, and the first two people we tried were home, and let us teach them lessons and make return appointments. It was way cool!

Later that day we knew we had a long bus ride to get to an appointment, so we prayed before we left that we would be led to someone to talk to on the bus. While we were waiting for it at the station I noticed a girl staring at our nametags, so we struck up a conversation, sat with each other the entire bus ride, and she had tons of questions about us, or church, what we do as missionaries, and she asked for our contact information so she could learn more. It was so cool! Prayers are indeed answered. Then we got to our appointment and taught a young mother about the crucial role of the family in eternity, and that was a powerful lesson as well. We have been super blessed here this past week.

We also had the opportunity to plan the zone vision for this transfer with Elder Hirsch and Elder Harrop, the zone leaders. We have been asked to focus on using our time wisely and good planning. Before my mission, I don't think I realized how much it is possible to accomplish in one day if you plan it out well and work hard. Some of the principles I learned and habits I've acquired will help me be much more successful back at home I think!

This weekend also brought the very special opportunity to watch general Conference and receive inspired counsel from Heavenly Father through our humble church leaders. It was incredibly uplifting and I am looking forward to studying my notes and applying what I have learned. It was also great because members here welcomed us into their homes to watch it and it made me feel like I was home watching it with my own family :)
Watching General Conference with familie Verdegem! Kimberly recently served in this mission too and just returned home, and she is a dear friend of mine. So it really felt like home to watch Conference at her house with her family :) left to right: President Eyring, Sister Robbins, Kimberly, and I :)
I felt encouraged to keep up the good gospel habits that lead to continued conversion- prayer, scripture study, church attendance- and there is a great quote from president Uchtdorf: "Ëxaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey" that I want to internalize. There is a grand and glorious future that awaits us. We can find joy and fulfillment now as we stay on the path, press towards the light, hold fast to the habits that safeguard our testimonies and cherish the family relationships that lead us there. I am also grateful for the testimonies of mothers and families! I am so thankful that I have been blessed with a wonderful mom, dad, siblings, extended family and friends who are family :)

I know we are led by apostles and prophets on the earth today. I know the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith, and that God sees fit to accomplish His marvelous work through mortals. I am so grateful for the peace and assurance that I feel through the knowledge of God's love!

Love you all, everyone! Have a wonderful week.

Liefs, Zuster Voss

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