Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Christ Watching Over Us

Hallo, iedereen! It is oktober and it is getting chilly here. We have had an incredible week. But very few moments of being companions with Sister Robbins have passed by that were not incredible! It is such a blessing to be with her. We discover mind-blowing ideas daily and it is a comfort to talk to and work with a best friend. In her words, this transfer is basically "a long, productive, very structured slumber party!"
Beautiful Belgium!
Friendship Street!
With Christ

This week we were piloting some new mission standards as mission leaders and working hard. However, the cool part was that working harder did not mean losing sight of the reason or not having fun. We were motivated by love, and just got out of our comfort zones a little more. We talked to people we were sitting with on trams, trains, and buses. We talked to everyone we saw as we walked along. And the blessing was that it didn't feel stressed or forced! It was so natural just to strike up conversations with these fascinating brothers and sisters that surround us, ask about their interesting lives, and then offer them something that has brought me so much joy if they were willing to accept it. So that was a great success- a miracle in changing attitudes and perspectives on what is possible. I can push myself harder than I thought.

On one particular day the trams were on strike (yay Belgium!) and my bike tire was being repaired, so we did a LOT of walking. We found some cool people, and also an Ikea shopping cart far from home. Since we live by the Ikea we decided to do a good deed and bring it back but we got some funny looks haha.
Ikea cart.

On Thursday i was on exchanges with Sister Johanson in Antwerpen! We had a great day and taught the Restoration to an awesome belgian mom who is open and searching. I love seeing the hearts of individuals touched by the Spirit.

We went to a dinner appointment this week in Geraardsbergen, a beautiful town in the midst of rolling hills, very close to the border of French-speaking Belgium (this is a complicated country with languages, politics, many things). The members had a friend they wanted to introduce us to, so after a quick dinner they drove us over there, which is awesome. Yay member missionary work! But then the friend wasn't home, so instead we drove to the top of a hill where a golden statue of Christ surveyed the countryside. It was a beautiful reminder to me that Christ watches over us all from on high. Moreover, He also descended below to walk with us, and is still with us when we seek Him.
Peace be still.
Us in beautiful Geraardsbergen (near France) in the woods and a statue of Christ! Thank you for taking us Familie van Hove!
Love you all. Have a wonderful week! I am looking forward to visiting the temple on Wednesday. It is always a special experience!

Love, Zuster McKinney Voss

Banana Selfie in Gent Station

A crazy giant slug we found! 

Heart attacking the elders'door at 6:45 am because someone had a birthday!

An awesome visiting American member brought us Kraft mac n cheese!
Selfie with pretty leaves.
Primark!! a fun store here
With Sister Bunnell.

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