Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Nederland!

Merry, Merry Christmas you wonderful people! Shockingly, this week has actually been much warmer than previous weeks (between10-13 degrees Celsius) leading up to Christmas. Unusual, but we aren't complaining :) Leeuwarden has been preparing for Christmas by stringing up beautiful lights everywhere in the centrum and we have been sharing Christmas messages and inviting everyone we see to our Christmas service. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year!
Klompen factory with the Romigs on pday!

Transfer week is Always a week of transitions! It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Jaramillo- she was wonderful and I learned so much from her! But she is safely home for Christmas, so that's good :) and Sister Kimmons is delightful! We have been having such a blast as companions so far.

On her second day here we had some referrals we needed to go look up of people who had ordered a DVD- there were three separate individuals, but they all lived way out in the same tiny village in the middle of nowhere, so finding them was an adventure. Our bus dropped us off in the middle of nothing but fields, and so we just followed our map and walked through sheep and canals for a couple of hours, talking to everyone we saw and knocking on every infrequent door we passed. It was miraculous though- we set up one appointment and found two other people who said we could return. So we enjoyed the Sunshine and the adventure!

Socks for Christmas from the Romig's :) the district!
I was decorated as a Christmas tree for FHE. 
This wood is used for klompen!

Goodbye Zr Jaramillo! :(

Another cool experience this week was when we took a copy of Preach My Gospel to a couple of recent converts and explained to them that we would study it with them and it would be a good way for them to review everything they had learned about the gospel. They loved it! The commented on the simplicity and good organization, and that it would help them focus their scripture studies more. Their enthusiasm helped me appreciate again the power of this wonderful tool for missionaries and members. Studying Preach My Gospel has been a great blessing to me and it is going to help these new members as well!
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I caught a cold that has been bothering me for the past couple of days, but I'm hoping to be over it by Christmas.
Our adventure in the farmlands of Friesland

Our little Christmas Corner in the Apt
Further, it has just been a wonderful week. I have been studying submissiveness as a Christlike attribute. I'm reminded what power there is in turning our will over to God's, and letting Him direct us with His infinite wisdom.

Love you all! Fijne Kerst, en een prettige nieuw jaar!

Liefs, Zuster McKinney Voss
Elders try haring for the first time

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