Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kerst 2015

Oh, it was indeed a fijne kerst here in Leeuwarden! It is Always interesting to adapt our activities to the holiday season, when fewer people are home and we want to respect Christmas traditions- we had a wonderful week though, visiting those who were alone or needed love. I think some of the best moments were visiting some older, single sisters in our branch with the elders to carol to them. that's definitely one way to get that warm fuzzy feeling! The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ, and when we serve others the way He would, we will always feel the warm smile of His approval. I have really learned that this season is a time to look outside of myself and what I want and truly focus on others! It's wonderful to really internalize that lesson now, because it's something we can apply every day of the year, not just around Christmas.
Thanks mom, dad, and everybody!
This week also included going on exchanges with sister Jensen, which was a Delight. We had some cool experiences contacting- chatting with the girl across from us on the train who ended up accepting a Book of Mormon, and exchanging ideas with a cool man from Indonesia a little bit later as we were walking along. Miracles do happen, especially around Christmas!
Exchanges with Zuster Jensen again this week!

Christmas itself was wonderful. We were blessed to spend it with familie Stein, who were so kind and wonderful. I had a great Skype with my family. Kind of strange to talk to them so soon before I'll see them again... my February deadline is looming. But it also just felt natural and lovely. I am grateful to have this chance to serve, but I know that it will be good to be with my family again at the right time. In any case, it was a precious moment and a wonderful Christmas present to see them!
My best Christmas Gift 2015
Christmas morning!

With familie Stein and the elders

We have received so, so many sweets and snacks this past week. Fortunately my amazing sister sent me a workout plan for the next month that includes squats, push-ups, sit-ups and calf raises to keep me from getting too out of shape. However, as far as leg workouts go, I must say that I've found a regimen that is foolproof and all encompassing, and I've been following it strictly for the past several months. It's called "biking against the wind everywhere you need to go all day every day." I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wondering how to get a fuller leg workout. just come live in the Netherlands in the winter! :)

Christmas Eve dinner: mashed potatoes and rookworst!
Christmas morning elevator picture

This week I was studying submissiveness as a Christlike attribute- that willingness to say to God, "thy will be done"at all times. Some thoughts I had/things are learned are that obedience brings order and peace- it brings security. As we hearken and yield, our hearts are purified and sanctified (Helaman 3:35). Submissiveness requires faith and humility, trust that God knows best- and our submissiveness is a sign that we are loyal to and love Him. And as we put our own selfish desires aside in order to accommodate others and prevent contention, we will also be blessed.
Christmas Ninjas!

In front of a local coffeeshop. ahem. sketch... (Dad Note: Apparently they sell marajuana there...)


Good luck setting goals for the next year everybody! I can't believe 2016 is almost here already. I have learned and grown a lot over the past year, and I will treasure 2015 as the year I gave up completely to God and let Him make me more into what I need to be. I pray that I may continue to do that a little more every year. I am so grateful that our loving Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us!

Veel liefs van Nederland,
Zuster McKinney Voss

 Quick, someone photoshop a lightsaber into my hands! This one is a shoutout to my fantastic and sometimes nerdy family

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