Zuster Fox?

Zuster Fox?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting ready to depart

Well, this is almost it. This Wednesday I report to the office for departing ceremonies there with the other missionaries leaving in my group. I'll remain in the mission actually for the next two weeks in the little known city of... Amsterdam!!! And then my parents will come get me, and shortly thereafter I'll be home. So strange!
What a mission does to a pair of boots...
Dad Note: Shoes worn out in the Service of the Lord!
This past week was great. We were able to gather, simultaneously with missionaries all over the world, to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast. It was inspiring and uplifting! The theme was "teach repentance and baptize converts."We are taught that conversion is a continuing process, as is repentance. We are all constantly striving to turn our hearts to God. If potential converts understand that before baptism, they will already be converted when they are baptized. Repentance is critical for each of us- because we all make mistakes. But we can be free of that burden of sin and be made new. That is what baptism and the sacrament offer! We were instructed as to how we can teach that doctrine more clearly, and I am certain that it will influence retention as those who are baptized truly understand the covenant they are making and have already committed to follow Christ.

Another highlight of the week was with Catherine, Who has been baptized now for a month and a half and is still going strong. The missionaries review all the lessons with converts after baptisms, and we're trying an approach with her where we all study a lesson and then she teaches it to us. She taught us the Restoration incredibly well, and then afterwards remarked that she wished that everyone had this knowledge of God's love. We then asked her if she could think of anyone specifically that she wanted to share it with, and she immediately thought of two neighbors who she wants to visit with us to share this message. It was such a cool moment, the Spirit was strong in prompting her to think of them, and we got two referrals. I love to see that the natural fruits of receiving this happy knowledge is the desire to share it with those we love. After all, that's why I'm here! And the Dutch and Belgian people have truly become those that I love <3
Eating at the Pannekoek Schip!
My miracle sweet stroopwafels
Snow again
At the Romigs
Saying goodbye to members here in Leeuwarden yesterday was sad, but they are so wonderful. I am so grateful I got to serve here in this special area. And I am grateful for technology that makes staying in touch with everyone possible!

Today is my last p-day in Leeuwarden, so Sister Kimmons and I embarked on an adventure this morning to bike out to the doop monument- the monument that marks the place that the first converts of the Church in Nederland were baptized in a canal. We biked for about an hour through beautiful Farmland and were blessed with lovely weather... I'm glad I got to see it! Missionary work has a rich history in this country.
The Doop monument!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Repent daily and find that peace in Heavenly Father. I'm grateful to still be here, but looking forward to seeing you all soon.

All my love, Zuster McKinney Voss
Unhealthy but delicious breakfast: Chocolate Cruesli :)

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